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Spanish Civil War Banner

  • Orig HPS Press Release
  • Planning Maps
  • Reading List
  • Game Documents & Misc
Spanish Civil War Cover

As Europe began to smolder with the rise to power of fascism in Hitler & Mussolini, tensions quickly came to a boil in the Spanish peninsula between the Republican and Nationalist forces. From July 1936 to April 1939 war would ravage the country and many tens of thousands would loose their lives. For several countries this would be a dress rehearsal for the coming conflict of WWII, and for the world it would be a small taste of the horrors to come. Squad Battles: Spanish Civil War gives you the opportunity to command the forces involved fighting in the streets of Madrid and the countryside of Alto de Leon or Somosierra Pass.

The fate of the Republic is in your hands!


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Squad Battles: Spanish Civil War focuses on the Battle for Madrid, with all its initial staging, after the Army of Africa is transported onto the mainland and slowly advances towards the Spanish capital to connect with the Nationalist forces coming from the North. It also includes the successive battles aimed at encircling the capital and the ensuing Republican counter-offensives. It presents the gamer with a wide spectrum of battlefields and of different troop organizations, from the early columns to the later armies. It also takes the gamer to other locations where combat was intense, such as Teruel (the Stalingrad of the SCW) or the banks of the Ebro and its surrounding mountains.

SCW scenario map

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Spanish Civil War Features:

  • 58 stand alone scenarios and 2 campaigns.
  • A wide sampling of actions from this conflict.
  • 24 unique maps ranging in size from 760 hexes to 17,568 hexes providing ample ground for scenario designers to create their own actions.

Engine changes include:

  • Political leaders with both positive and negative effects.
  • Random reinforcement feature.
  • Cratered hexes have new attributes impacting combat in those hexes.
  • Destroyed hexes have new attributes impacting combat in those hexes.
  • Adjustments to the Random Support feature.

The game also has the standard scenario, OOB, parameter, database & sub-map editors included with the game. Play modes include A/I, Hot Seat, PBEM, LAN & Internet play.


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  • Developer: John Tiller
  • Artist: Joseph Amoral
  • Unit Graphics: Mark Adams
  • Music: Thomas Hook & Daniel Lee
  • Additional AI programming: John Rushing
  • Contributed Sound Effects: Edward Williams
  • Game Coordinator: Rich Hamilton
  • Scenario Designer: Joaoa Lima & Ozgur Budak
  • Scenario Maps: Dave Blackburn & Rich Hamilton
  • Campaign Map: Dean Beecham
  • Playtesters: Dennis Suttman, Bob Bannerman, Phil Driscoll, Jason Lewandowski, & Nik Butler
  • Intro Video Graphics: Julia Tiller

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, or 7
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB

Planning Maps     (click for full-sized images)
Almadrones map Alto de Leon map Badajoz map
Almadrones: 1.74 mb gif Alto de Leon: 4.04 mb gif  Badajoz: 3.45 mb gif

Briehuega map Brunete map Ciempozuelos map
Briehuega: 5.77 mb gif Brunete: 1.98 mb gif Ciempozuelos: 3.66 mb gif

Fayon map Gandesa map La Canada map
Fayon: 10.4 mb gif Gandesa: 5.19 mb gif La Canada: 1.50 mb gif

La Rozas map

Larache map Los Lanos Quijorna map
La Rozas: 4.03 mb gif Larache: 728 kb gif Los Lanos Quijorna: 5.57 mb gif 

Madrid map Pingarron map Pingarron Hill map
Madrid: 6.62 mb gif Pingarron: 4.45 mb gif Pingarron Hill: 6.56 mb gif

Somosierra map Talavera map Teruel map
Somosierra: 5.47 mb gif Talavera: 2.77 mb gif  Teruel: 2.23 mb gif

Trijueque map

Villalba map  
Trijueque: 1.34 mb gif Villalba: 1.44 mb gif  

Click here for larger sized thumbs

Reading List
Beevor, Antony; The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939; Penguin, 2006
Hills, George; The Battle for Madrid; London / Vantage Books, 1976
Hughes, Ben; They Shall Not Pass: The British Battalion at Jarama - The Spanish Civil War (General Military); London / Osprey, 2011
Thomas, Hugh; The Spanish Civil War: Revised Edition (Modern Library Paperbacks); London / Penguin Books , 2001
Orwell, George; Homage to Catalonia; Mariner Books, 1980
Borkenau, Franz; The Spanish Cockpit: An Eyewitness Account of the Spanish Civil War; Phoneix Press, 2000
Graham, Frank; Volunteer for liberty : the Spanish Civil War: Battles of Brunete and the Aragon [Import] ; Newcastle / Author , 1999
Lannon, Frances; The Spanish Civil War; London / Osprey, 2002
Arostegui, Julio; Los combatientes carlistas en la guerra civil espanola, 1936-1939 (Coleccion Luis Hernando de Larramendi) (Spanish Edition); Madrid / Aportes XIX, 1991
Henry, Chris; The Ebro 1938: Death knell of the Republic (Campaign) ; London / Osprey , 1999
Turnbull, Patrick & Burn, Jeffrey; The Spanish Civil War 1936-39 (Men-at-Arms); London / Osprey , 1995
Zaloga, Steven; Spanish Civil War Tanks: The Proving Ground for Blitzkrieg (New Vanguard); London / Osprey, 2010
Bradley, Ken; International Brigades in Spain 1936-39 (Elite) ; London / Osprey, 1994
Scurr, John;The Spanish Foreign Legion (Men-at-Arms); London / Osprey, 1985



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