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Renaissance cover

-Introducing the Musket & Pike Series-

The Renaissance covers a fascinating century of warfare, from the close of the Medieval era to the eve of the Thirty Years War. The period starts with the French invasion of Italy in 1494 and the armies are still largely Medieval in weaponry and organization.

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While firearms and artillery are present on the battlefield they have yet to secure a dominant tactical role. However, by the close of the sixteenth century, traditional missile weapons such as the longbow and crossbow had been supplanted by arquebuses, muskets and pistols, while the proportion of firearms to pike had greatly increased since 1500.

The pike, once the primary infantry weapon for many armies - and often a decisive battle-winner in the hands of professional Swiss and Landsknecht mercenaries - was, by the close of the period retained primarily as a protection against cavalry, a role it continued to perform for another century until the invention of the bayonet made it redundant.

Flodden 3D

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A wide sampling of battles from small to large actions.

60 unique maps ranging in size from 480 hexes to 76,800 hexes providing ample ground for scenario designers to create their own actions.

Note that the game disk as shipped does not include a 3d mode, however this is available in all patch downloads off of the HPS Simulations' site.


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Additional Features:

This title is the first in a new series of games by John Tiller and his team called "Musket & Pike". Fans of the other pre-twentieth century games offered by Mr. Tiller will feel a sense of familiarity in this new engine, but there are also quite a few differences from anything put forth before, including a vastly expanded style of OOB that allows for many attributes to be set on a unit by unit basis instead of globally, such as:

  • movement allowance
  • victory point value
  • melee bonus value
  • armoured value
  • 26 different weapon types, plus a new weapon.dat file allowing customization

Multiple additions to the PDT file for weapon flags including:

  • soft & hard targets
  • reduced melee effectiveness
  • indirect fire ability
  • single use
  • requires set up (e.g. artillery units)
  • no defensive fire ability
  • earthworks, trenches & abatis
  • ability to reflect army coalitions of 8 to 7, with a maximum of 3 to 2 armies facing off in any given OOB

In addition to the stand alone scenarios players may also choose to play the "campaign" format where they will play a series of scenarios centered around a particular figure. As long as this person survives each scenario they continue on to the next battle, but if he is lost the campaign game will end. For players who enjoy "sandbox" features of wargaming a wide array of editors is included - scenario editor, OOB editor, parameter data editor, DAT editor and sub-map editor. 7 "full" maps are included for use with the sub-map editor, which allows "chopping up" of a map to create a new smaller one to represent certain actions. These maps range in size from 76 x 58 hexes up to 778 x 240 hexes (the entire Port Stanley peninsula) - ample ground to make many custom scenarios.

Play modes include A/I, Hot Seat, PBEM, LAN & Internet play. A Scenario Editor is also included so existing scenarios can be altered or new ones created.
The Renaissance has 2D zoom in and zoom out modes and a large Units.bmp file to represent the vast array of forces covered in this title.


  • Project Coordinator: Rich Hamilton
  • Scenario Designer: Rich White
  • Scenario Maps: Rich White & Atle Jensen
  • Playtesters: Stephen Trauth, Kevin Killeen, Doug Fuller, Andrew Moss, Gary McClellan, & Ken Miller

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, or 7
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 300 MB
Memory: 256 MB RAM

Planning Maps       (click for full-sized images)
Agnadello map Alcantra map Ancrum map
Agnadello: 2.87 mb gif Alcantra:2.54 mb gif

Ancrum: 1.01 mb gif

      Biocaca  map Boulogne map Calais-Gravelines map
Biocaca: 804 kb gif Boulogne: 14.4 mb gif Calias-Gravelines: 24.4 mb gif

Cerignola map Cerrisoles map Chaldiran map
Cerignola: 645 kb gif Cerrisoles: 279 kb gif Chaldiran: 8.30 mb gif

Coutras map Dabik map Dreux map
Coutras: 3.50 mb gif Dabik: 1.76 mb gif Dreux: 3.28 mb gif

Flodden map Fornovo map Gembloux-Namur map
Flodden: 7.61 mb gif Fornovo: 1.58 mb gof Gembloux-Namur: 36.5 mb gif

Genova map Heiligerlee map Ivry map
Genova: 1.05 mb gif Heiligerlee: 4.67 mb gif Ivry map: 4.08 mb gif

Jemmingen map Jodoigne map Knockdoe map
Jemmingen: 5.20 mb gif Jodoigne: 13.7 mb gif Knockdoe: 797 kb gif

Langside map Lodi map Marignano map
Langside: 1.37 mb gif Lodi: 1.27 mb gif Marignano: 1.03 mb gif

Milano map Mohacs map Moncontour map
Milano: 797 kb gif Mohacs: 1.44 mb gif Moncontour: 1.60 mb gif

Mookerhyde map Nieuwpoort map Novara map
Mookerhyde: 10.6 mb gif Niewpoort: 4.53 mb gif Novara: 1.76 mb gif

Pavia map Pinkie map Rapallo map
Pavia: 1.98 mb gif Pinkie: 3.46 mb gif Rapallo: 1.33 mb gif

Ravenna map Raydaniyah map Ren 1 map
Ravenna: 2.24 mb gif Raydaniyah: 2.07 mb gif Ren 1: 6.04 mb gif

Ren 4 map Ren 5 map San Angelo map
Ren 4: 34.8 mb gif Ren 5: 10.4 mb gif San Angelo: 872 kb gif

St Denis map St Quentin map Turnhout map
St Denis: 868 kb gif St Quentin: 44.9 mb gif Turnhout: 13.9 mb gif

Wien map    
Wien: 6.97 mb gif    

Click here for larger sized thumbs

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