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Tigers Unleashed cover

TIGERS UNLEASHED: Tactical Warfare in the East, 1939-42
Designed by Scott Hamilton with Jeff Lapkoff and Joseph Miranda

The Eastern front in World War II saw some of the most titanic battles in the history of warfare, from the German panzer thrusts deep into Soviet territory, through brutal street fighting in Stalingrad, to the Red Army's massive offensives against desperate Wehrmacht defences. Tigers Unleashed puts you in command of Axis and Soviet forces in actions ranging from company level fights up to division level combats.

Tigers Unleashed is part of the Tactical Studies Series, using the same system as Point of Attack, the Department of Defense sponsored tactical simulation of modern warfare, also designed and produced by HPS Simulations. The game system models each weapons system individually: tanks, small arms, heavy weapons, and even aircraft. These are then built up into larger units which conduct manoeuvres and execute combat, the latter using a physics-based execution system for maximum fidelity.

Voronezh map

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Game units are individual vehicles, squads and platoons. These are organized into larger formations which conduct operations. Players can use one of the many scenarios provided with the game, or create their own via the game editor. Tigers Unleashed includes a table of organization which provides comprehensive formation up to division level for virtually every country which fought on the Eastern Front in World War II.

The game system also models leaders, morale, camouflage, command control, re-supply times, intelligence operations, friction, and many of the other non-material factors of warfare.

Tigers Unleashed scenario editor

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Features and Scenarios:

Tigers Unleashed covers the opening two years of World War II on the Eastern Front, 1941-42, as well as the 1939 Polish Campaign and Winter War.

You can play against the computer, by e-mail against a human opponent, or with two people on the same PC (hot seat).

The game includes a complete data base of weapons, with virtually every model of every armoured fighting vehicle which served in the East in 1939-42: panzers, T-34s, KVs, as well as models from the Axis allies. East Front stalwarts, such as the German "88" Flak gun and the Soviet Katyusha rocket launcher, are also in the players' arsenals. Among the many exotic weapons systems are armored trains, Soviet T-35 multi-turreted tanks, the FG 42 Fallschirmjäger assault rifle, tank-busting Stukas, and the incredible Gustav 800mm railroad gun.

The table of organization file provides invaluable information on units for this period of World War II. Specialized forces, such as Waffen SS, Brandenburger commando, and Soviet Guards are included in addition to panzer divisions, gerbirgs troops, tank corps, and the ubiquitous infantry. In addition to the Wehrmacht and Red Army, the game also portrays Finns, Hungarians, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak forces.

The game has over 30 scenarios, including: the panzers closing the Kiev pocket, fighting along the road to Moscow, the battle of Kharkov, Brandenburgers in Finland, the breakout from Demyansk, the Italian cavalry charge at the Don River, Grossdeutschland Division fighting for Voronezh, SS Wiking storming the Caucasus, the Red Army's Operation Uranus, von Manstein's attempted relief of Stalingrad—and Tiger tank actions outside of Leningrad.

Battles also include Suomussalmi from the Winter War, and Krojanty 1939 where Polish cavalry overran a German mechanized column. Scenario designers include Scott Hamilton, Jeff Lapkoff, Joseph Miranda and Gary Bezan.

Winterstorm map

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In addition to the main game engine, Tigers Unleashed also has an editor which allows players to create their own scenarios from scratch. Future games are planned in the series, to include the Eastern Front 1943-45, North Africa, and the West, 1940 and 1944-45.

The Point of Attack engine is a hex based, tactical, plot – simultaneous resolution engine. A game turn is composed of three phases. Each player assigns commands to units: movement, changing formation, etc. The computer then determines the net effect of these orders as the move is played out. Fire and close combat is automatic. Players observe the outcomes as the computer executes the turn and provides detailed situation reports. The game then moves on to the next turn.

Another look of some graphics -this time from the series manual
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Tigers Unleashed is a unique, ultra-realistic tactical/grand-tactical level combat simulation set on the Eastern Front of World War Two between 1939-1942. The player assumes the role of a combat Task Force Commander responsible for anything from a ski infantry company to a heavy panzer battlegroup. The basic unit is the squad or platoon, and these units are used as building blocks to create larger units. The game comes with over 30 scenarios, with many more possible.

What makes Tigers Unleashed different from other wargames is its focus. It provides a physically and historically accurate portrayal of tactical combat, with special emphasis on the experience of command. It puts you squarely in the leader's role, simulating conditions as he would actually experience them. Here, information and communications are all-important,. Your soldiers are humans - and they act like it. Your orders take time to process and implement. Fog of War is pervasive – often leaving you with incomplete and/or outdated information.

TOE editor showing a German Panzer Division 1939-40
Click to Enlarge

Default Game Scale:

  • Each hex represents a distance of 100 metres.
  • Each turn represents one minute of real time.

Tigers Unleashed is not a "beer-and-pretzels" type of game, though it does include user-settable modes that allow it to be played in a more relaxed manner. Instead, Tigers Unleashed is:

  • Exactingly realistic, using rigorous physics and empirical material properties in firing, damage, sighting, communications, and weather modelling.

  • Profoundly detailed, including individual round calculations, positions to the nearest meters for each weapon system (tank, soldier, gun, etc.), exact communications transmissions (including radio, visual, smoke, and runners), dust trails, forest fires, and urban warfare among many other things.

  • Comprehensive, including land, naval, and air combat systems, along with a myriad of combat support types such as combat/construction engineers, spotters, command and control units, mines, obstacles, improved positions, airborne drops, naval landings, special operations, tunnels, rail units, and much more.

  • Detailed, with a wealth of historical information, including tables of organization for all combatants on the Eastern Front from platoon to division level.

  • Military-based, incorporating many types of military command and control measures such as SOP's, DF/IF targeting points, and communication messages.

  • Supremely customizable, as players can change fog of war levels, command/control delay, unit values, force structures, weather, map scale, time scale, and a host of other factors.

  • A formidable opponent—the AI in Tigers can do almost everything a human player can, including force selection and placement, placement of obstacles and engineering works, formulating and issuing unit orders, targeting, calling for artillery and air support, and managing information. In fact, the AI Adjutant is always at the player's side to help him with these functions as well.

  • A Geomorphic Map Editor which allows players to quickly create playing areas of their choice in terms of terrain and size; being only limited by your hardware or OS memory limits.

Play Options:

  • Single player vs AI
  • Two player PBeM
  • Two player hot-seat
  • AI vs AI
  • Note: There is no direct Internet/LAN play option

Latest Version:

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

Processor: 2.5 GHz

Disk Space: 500 MB

Memory: 512 MB

TSS Series Documents
Being relatively new to me, there is no series page in planning for the TSS series from HPS yet, that will probably eventually change, but for now the documentation will be available on the TU page (ST)
User Manual
Data View Manual



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