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  • The Drift Title Info
Tigers Unleashed cover

-22 January 1879, along the Buffalo River, Natal-

The Drift 1879 models the epic Battle of Rorke's Drift pitting some 140 British soldiers defending an isolated outpost against the onslaught of several thousand Zulu Warriors. Immortalized in the critically acclaimed 1964 film ZULU, the British defense of Rorke's Drift has become the best-known battle of the British Colonial Wars.

Under the command of Lieutenant John Chard of the Royal Engineers, the Battle of Rorke's Drift immediately followed the British Army's staggering defeat at the hands of the Zulu at Isandlwana earlier in the day. The defense of Rorke's Drift stands out as one of the most courageous actions in military history. With eleven Victoria Crosses awarded, its legend remains part of British military heritage to this day.

User Manual


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  • Squad Level
  • 3/30 yards per hex
  • 5 minutes per turn

Human players can command either side: the British garrison at Rorke's Drift or the waves of deadly Zulu warriors.

The historical default option covers the action as it historically occurred. In addition, players have the ability to create any number of custom "what-if" scenarios by adjusting game values including:

  • Zulu force size, allocation, and command capacity
  • British reinforcement (Stephenson's Native Natal Contingent, Rainforth's Company G)
  • Morale/resolve base levels and breaking points
  • Arms type and munition level and quality
  • Fog of war
  • Randomized battles

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Play Options:

  • Quick turn based
  • Single player vs AI
  • Two player
  • PBeM capable

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Jeff Lapkoff Strategic Simulation Games

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

Processor: 1.8 GHz

Disk Space: 60 MB

Memory: 2 GB



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