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-Civil War Battles Atlas-


A series of maps showing both sides' initial deployments in historical scenarios; highlighted units begin their respective scenarios in fixed status.

If you prefer not to know this information in advance, please do *not* click. (Fair Warning Given ;) )

1st Bull Run Murfreesboro Chickamauga

First Bull Run: 6.55 mb gif

Murfreesboro: 5.76 mb gif

Chickamauga: 14.5 mb gif

Pea Ridge North Anna Prairie Grove

Pea Ridge: 3.08 mb gif

North Anna: 4.91 mb gif

Prairie Grove: 8.60 mb gif

Ozark Carthage Ozark Newtonia Ozark Wilson's Creek

Carthage: 3.24 mb gif

Newtonia: 1.73 mb gif

Wilson's Creek: 894 kb gif