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Thu, 15 Jun 2017 06:38:00 +0000

Some art work

 It all started, like a lot of things do -when going through some of the 2d zoom out art that I was using I came across an issue with swamps... they just didn't fit that well (especially considering that in 2d zoom in mode, I had the swamps showing the underlying hex elevation colour.

Rivers were also fairly close to the colour of the land hexes, so I decided that something needed to be done there as well. I am sure there will be other areas to be tweaked over time. This is sort of an ongoing project. There will be more later.

New style 2d zoom out style swamp hexes.
Full water hexes meet banks.
Extreme zoom in mode (new hex texture as well)
Napoleon's army crossing at Wagram

More of the same...

Sun, 28 May 2017 03:22:00 +0000

Status Update

I know that it has been awhile, so I thought that since I had a spare moment I would share an update.

I am currently working on several projects for JTS, of varying priority order. It also means that I have gotten behind in producing pages for titles (ok technically that happened awhile ago).

I still want to re-organise the site when I get a chance, and change around the look and feel of it at some point too -however the JTS work takes precedence.

In the meantime my reference library continues to grow (occasionally at an alarming rate).  Now if only I could invent a timewarp, and get a clone or two on the projects (including the site refurb).


Sat, 31 Dec 2016 22:08:00 +0000

2017 is here, open donation drive, and an update of sorts

2017 ... Happy New Year - well it is here right now and it will be where you are shortly.

Donation Drive: I had some feedback earlier in the year, and I decided to make 'the donation drive' a less formal thing, in fact I am just putting up the button.  If anyone wants to donate anything at any time, just go for it. Anything helps. 

Update:  Ok, it might seem odd to post an update after the long period of time since I had last posted here. I do most of my content posting to the site's Facebook page, as opposed to adding it here too. I had some bright idea that I could maybe simply port those to the actual page and no dice (leastwise none that I have found heretofore).

I am engaged in a few projects with JTS, so while I would love to redo the website format, it probably won't happen for awhile.

Actually I got so much going, that I am going to have to get into some serious multi-tasking mode even with just the official projects that I have going, then I am playing and going to be coaching hockey this year, and I am not even going to mention the day job (but it will be a big year for that too as well).

It was brought to my attention that the download area is not really working that well. I don't have a work around at this point, but if someone drops me an email and tells me what they are looking for I will find another means to get it to you. I do need to find another means of making these available and it might take the form of a series of links *but* - there are a ton of them, and it will take forever.

MapMod, that is gone, and was solely the decision of the artist as to what happened with that area. I respect his decision to remove it, although I will say that in my experience all of the material looks to have been saved by the people running archive.org

Have a great 2017. :)

Fri, 17 Jun 2016 01:23:00 +0000

The status that I can share

Ok this is basically a negative status report - or rather a report that something that was posted as issues - those are not going to be what I thought they would be.

Take the post '3d problem' or issue or whatever -where I posted a churchy type screenshot - technically it is a problem in the 3d - but the solution is going to be somewhat different than I expected. 

Well maybe not entirely- as the solution is to have less churches.  

Am really excited to be working on the project that I am on - and I think the results are going to spectacular. 

You'll notice that I have done not so much on posting mod work -and that is because things have taken another direction.

That being said - I might test some OOB structures and combat modelling using the Musket and Pike engine. I might even set this at a smaller scale (say 50 meters per hex at the very least), and although the scenario editor limits dates, there is no reason to take that as literally - I am thinking of maybe possibly playing around with some generic ancients - probably some Roman (early imperial I would guess), column being ambushed by German barbarians situation (it was the only Osprey I found last trip to a bookshop -looks maybe possible but I have not really gotten that into it). No idea how no gunpowder would work -but it would probably involve redoing the weapons.dat file, re-imagining OOB structure, and some map edits to make things more rural (and less developed ... not so many roads)...  no schedule on this - but I got everything I think that I need to make it happen.

This would just be a couple of scenarios at most and be mainly to test combat modelling within the engine.  The OOB structure wouldn't necessarily be all that close to that in Renaissance; the engine is pretty flexible even without engine changes.

Fri, 17 Jun 2016 01:13:00 +0000

Not Dead ... Working

1st off:  I completely missed Doug's comment - and I'll think about it for next year. I will note that I think you wrote it in January? :)  Ok -well it shows you how often I have logged into this.

I think that I ought to qualify the 'working' comment, as it might be more accurate to state it as making time available to work as needed. 

I got out of all gaming clubs that I was in, not because I had a problem with them, but did not want to feel as if I was always being seen as making comments on behalf of a company to which I am basically an independent contractor of -or rather I am not a representative of. Sure I know their official stance on things most times, but -well ... yeh - basically it was a headache that I didn't need.

I guess some guys elsewhere took that the wrong way, because I received a solicitation to join them about magically the same time that I left the other places. I guess it is flattering, but it sort of misses the point of why I left in the first place. Think about it - I am not going to be a group's 'trophy member' - I got no time for that stuff (don't really know anyone that does... ).

Now- say this is a perfect world; SDC would be in line for a revamp, and reformatting of its layout. When I was working on the site for SPW some years ago now, I accidented upon a format that worked much better for mobile platforms (like tablets).  

Maybe working with something like, say, Joomla might have some advantage?  Ok granted that would work best in an environment where there were other guys willing to participate and add content (at their convenience) - like say guys that designed the things. I won't promise that much, because it hasn't really happened much yet - so maybe there might be something that I can do to make this easier for guys... it is worth looking into.

Disclaimer, caveat, etc... - I have a full time job, and I coach hockey, also play when I can, then have some projects that deserve to be published (for the teams' sake if nothing else)... so time to do any of this is not all that great. 

Most of what I would normally slap into a blog you can find on the site's FB page - see the link on the site (or if looking at this on the site - to the left).

Thu, 31 Dec 2015 12:04:00 +0000

No Donation Drive for 2016

Most of the content related to the site has been happening on the related Facebook Page. No one should need a log in to view this material and really the majority of it usually consists of links to articles.

Earlier in the year I began working on some projects for JTS, one of which involves graphics coordination, so while this will eventually create (I think) a fair amount of content for the site, it hasn't this past year.

I don't think that it's really that fair to ask for donations under the circumstances.


That being said, I should be able to show some of the work that I am doing in that I can use it in some of the previously published titles as drafts.

Stay tuned...

Wed, 14 Oct 2015 10:00:00 +0000

BPW version 1.01 update available now.


The main reason this is important, to me at least, is that it marks the first time (ok probably the second time -as I have done some minor stuff around the edges) -that some of my work has made it into a product title.

Put simply, I don't really 'mod' -leastwise I don't think so. And that this is more of an ongoing situation -so look for some future work being posted as 'mods' which really are working on something else.

That's all for now.

Sat, 12 Sep 2015 03:14:00 +0000

Resolving the church 'crisis'...

Actually the official recommendation is that you just leave the churches out.  I can do that, but I would like to see how things get mapped out.

I know it is more or less random, but I did do an experiment on a map in development, as I had an idea for using an alternate burning terrain look in place of a blocked hex -and wanted to see what hex was actually being drawn on a map - it turned out that in this particular instance it was the first hex from the bmp file.   Who knows, maybe I will use that -maybe I won't - at the moment as there are no smoke effects in what I am using it sort of implies a level of complexity that is not available.

Anyway -look for less to no churches in the future.

Sun, 23 Aug 2015 00:46:00 +0000

Defining an issue: 3d graphic design

In this particular situation I am only talking about the town, which represents a German town from the early 19th Century I am wondering if maybe there might not bee too much green space in towns, so in the coming weeks (probably months I guess to be honest), I will be seeing if there are some other ways to show this on the 3d map graphics. I will be working within the Napoleonic Battles series, to maintain consistency of approach.

Of course, the fields probably can use some attention and the green is a bit yellow I guess -but I am only going to deal with one thing at a time; I am probably most comfortable working with 2d graphics - but the discipline involved in the work would be identical.

And also there are too many churches showing up, and while I am not entirely certain how to deal with that (it isn't as simple as it seems .... because you get six images and you don't get to set which ones show up) - I will still have a look at it to see if I can come up with something which might be able to reduce the numbers.

Fri, 21 Aug 2015 10:14:00 +0000

HPS CD's available on EBay again

If you missed out earlier, they're back.


These are being sold by Rich Hamilton.

Sat, 23 May 2015 13:55:00 +0000

Deployments... more...

It only occurred to me that I probably left the impression on the FB page that the only optimal formation was the one that I had done the graphics for ... e.g. one big long line, with horse on the wings -and the thing is, that wouldn't entirely be right ...

I guess that might be best described as the basic optimal formation... many armies of the time went with the 'checkerboard' type formation with their foot, and this is really just a way of deploying the reserves and spreading them out across the field.  I haven't actually got anything to show regarding this yet (and I might not for a long while) ... however the main point is that this is definitely not something that I am oblivious to.

More as it happens or when I can find the time...

Sat, 09 May 2015 00:39:00 +0000

Ren scenario progress report

The previous material that I put out several weeks ago focused on using OOB files that used combined pike/shot units as a single unit.

Since that time I have worked with an OOB file that separates the pike and shot units into distinct units. This style of OOB does require more attention to, for lack of a better term, choreography, as the pike needs to cover the shot, while the shot needs to cover the pike units. Pike covering shot to protect from cavalry, and shot covering the pike to protect pike from other pike and other shot. Pike units are big targets.

I still need to write up a summary of some of the unit coding, and idiosyncrasies of some of the units, for example, not all cavalry can charge, and those that do should not be able to pitch in like a massed Napoleonic cavalry charge.  In fact some units can only shoot or defensively melee -so what purpose would these serve? Flank shots I think (not sure but that is the theory).

I am only half done with this first scenario's set up. In this instance the side shown has 3 armies (2 on the map, and one which is basically some irregular horse, which enters somewhat sporadically).

I am thinking about having the stronger side enter on the south edge of the board on the south side of the river and need to mount some sort of river crossing. The armies on the board need to assemble and deploy as they are basically encamped.

Disclaimer: all ratings are open to be changed... nothing is written in stone.

Tue, 21 Apr 2015 23:30:00 +0000

Progress - mostly brainstorming - but here it is anyway...

What are some of the things that I am changing?

At the moment I am limiting this to the parameter data table (PDT), as I think that is where the most significant changes will come from.  I am reducing the command range limits.

Brigade and Divisional leaders will have a reduced range from the stock REN PDT tables (although I have not actually gone through each and every one of them in the game, I am only talking about the Renaissance.pdt table); the idea here is to try to give any sort of incentive to keep formations compact. I haven't made much of a distinction per side (of which REN has 15), because this is more about showing end users that they do have the ability to experiment with this sort of thing.

I am going to reduce the fire range on the shot weapons that I am using; keep in mind that I am sticking with the stock scale of 100 meters per hex. From what I have read (although if pressed I probably couldn't give you a source off the top of my head), the weaponry was used more or less at about the same range as was still used through the Napoleonic period. Sure I am aware that there are tests here and there by re-enactors, and all sorts of claims of this, that, or the other thing could be used to whatever range, but my focus is solely on what range were the weapons used during the time.

I suppose this also leads on to order of battle (OOB) structure to a degree, as weapon effectiveness, by its nature is tied to formation type. Units during the pike and shot period were not the linear formations used in the 18th and 19th Centuries (indeed not even the later part of the 17th Century to be even more technical.). You have relatively deep blocks of men using their weapons in something similar to a rotational formation (think a volley ball team) that was designed to maximise fire volume. Formation depth eventually thinned out as weapon technologies allowed for quicker reload times, but that would come later - in this period you have big groups of people, more or less compactly aligned -which increased the fire volume, but it also at the same time presented a bigger target to hit.

As I mentioned (I hope) at the outset of my prior blog post, I am wanting to play around with a combined pike and shot capable unit, however, this sort of unit is -as has been written about elsewhere, a fairly abstract concept once considering the engine. I think, but have no proof, that this sort of concept works better at larger scales than it would to smaller scales. One of the things that is interesting about the M&P engine is that is can allow for a variety of different scales, which basically means that you would have to customise OOB construction about the scale that you are using. I think (but again cannot prove) that if one was to go with a much smaller scale that there is the opportunity to maybe provide a very granular type of gaming experience -however, the limitation is the map availability. In my situation I am not going to adjust the map scale, but just note that there is that potential in the engine. Of course too, the more detail used, then the AI would have an even tougher time handling things. Yes I have read all sorts of things about the AI, and I have played the games a fair bit so I know where people are coming from, however the one thing that I think is worth noting is that OOB structure can have a big impact on any hope that the AI ever had to start with -the more complex the OOB structure, then the less one's expectations should be. Of course, too what you are asking the AI to do also has a big impact as well- plus in my experience river crossings have always been an issue -and there is no real way that AI will work in a river crossing assault set of scenarios here.

I am going to go with a couple of different OOB styles when putting together this package, in that I also want to show separate shot and pike components of a larger unit. The one issue, aside from AI limitations that this formation style would impose, is that this type of set up, by its nature can create a bigger overall footprint on the map for a similar sized unit. Other considerations are that since now you would have a pike unit with no shot capability, this then makes for a more potent melee unit (although keep in mind that only so many guys are able to face off against each other in a combat, and a formation of this type is by its nature stratified- the front ranks may have a better quality than those in the rear ranks. . . at what point does this unit degradation kick in if significant losses are taken?). Who knows -maybe that is overthinking things based upon the scale being used. The benefit of separate shot and pike units, is that you need to work in conjunction with the other type in order to mutually protect each other. Or put simply, it is probably a big mistake to spread your forces out too much.

Of course, again the spreading factor is one thing too that if an OOB structure is too flexible, can maybe overwhelm a scenario. I guess what I am getting at is, that while you can structure an OOB to something very similar to what you might find in a Napoleonic series title, should you?  It probably shows above that this is something that I come down on the, 'no' side of that debate, and want to design my OOBs in this experiment around how I see the fights as developing.

I think next time I will discuss the scenario style that I want to plan around.

Sun, 19 Apr 2015 09:30:00 +0000

Working with REN

... so the blog here has become a bit static (my fault as well as too many medium choices) - I have had the opportunity to do some OOB work and it has me thinking that about a variety of possibilities.

At the moment I am not able to realise all of them (mainly because I need some maps ... period maps, to be precise). In other words, I would need a different style of population centers, as well as maybe a different pattern of forests, and less areas of cultivation if one were to try something with maybe a Roman type of era.  I am not actually doing that -although I have thought about if it might work ... mostly this is about constructing OOBs and command structures.  The Musket and Pike engine has a lot of flexibility ... and doing something like this would require a rethink of weapons slots in the weapons.dat file, as well as seeing how well one can switch around some of the settings to a more melee based combat system which would by necessity, moderate the impact of missile weaponry as well as mounted troops.

I think it can be done -and who knows, but it might be at some point ... this is mere spitballing on my part.

Of course, by extension, this sort of thinking can also be applied to the published title; which is to say I am in the process of doing some OOB structure and command structure tinkering within REN. Mostly this is about experimentation with units that include pike and shot elements within a single unit. There has not really been a lot of testing of this sort of unit, although I think that this was included in one of the updates to REN, so it would be interesting to see how this would work out. 

I also read some about applying negative values to some of the modifiers and it would be interesting to see how these would actually work. I guess it is conceivable that if you accept that a shot component was going to avoid melee combat if at all possible and a pike component of that same unit would step in to protect their shot component; which basically means that a given unit with both shot and pike would not be meleeing with its entire manpower in the context of a standard scale of 100 meters and 15 or 20 minutes per turn.

Why the Mookerhyde map?  (See above) - whatever I do will be entirely hypothetical in the sense that this map is just a really useful map in that you can design a river crossing assault.defense or meeting engagements. You don't even need to use the river in some situations (which in effect means that there might be several scenarios using the same forces on this map).

The other major reason is -this map is simply big -and armies in this period were not so big... you would be talking about 20-30,000 men per side ... tops with a more probable strength probably under 20,000... or more simply put ... should have a relatively (when compared to the map) smaller footprint -so there should be ample room to maneuver and set up a battle line. In fact I guess that is probably supposed to be the main point of these:

Phase I: Both sides enter map

Phase II: Defending side determines where to site a battle line ... attacking side locates defending side and sites their own line (in effect think of this as a way to replicate a player determined battle set up). And yes, there probably should be some incentives to do this in something consistent with a given period.

Phase III: Battle - I expect that a solid battle line will trump a less solid battle line ... but at this point the maneuver and set up is expected to be a big part of the strategy of these.

More as it happens ... it gives me something to blog about here.

Sat, 14 Mar 2015 05:09:00 +0000

JTS Development messgaeboard.


This is Rich Hamilton's board; I have updated the link on the site but figured that I ought also to point out that it has a different url for anyone interested and might be needing to update links elsewhere.


Sun, 22 Feb 2015 05:56:00 +0000

I wanted to thank Masséna for taking the time to discuss the concept of creating a custom OOB (for a campaign OOB of all things - not a small one).

And then taking the time to follow this up with an actual OOB file, and then a scenario in which to use his OOB.

In my experience, a lot of this process stops at the discussion stage (and I hadn't really ever considered that there actually *were* stages to this sort of process.).

I want to thank Mr Masséna for his contribution to the title; scenario editing, OOB editing, even submap editing, all are something that is available to users.

Check it out here.


Thu, 12 Feb 2015 10:41:00 +0000

HPS releases a DigitalGameworks title: Vengeance

Teutonic Knights, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Hastings, Agincourt -and others ...

All brought to you by Jeff Lapkoff's DigitalGamework's latest title, Vengeance.

Available from HPS Simulations.

I will get a page up on SDC as soon as possible, along with some screenshots to show a bit more about this new title. It has been available since 9th February 2014.

Sat, 07 Feb 2015 04:27:00 +0000

A note from Rich Hamilton regarding the messageboard

The messageboard is changing hosts so Rich has posted a message with some instructions regarding this.

We are in the process of transferring these forums to a new hosted solution. Please do not make any posts here from now on that you want to keep. The Support team will begin migration soon, and anything posted after the migration will be lost. 

Based on this I purposefully 'broke' the link to the messageboard until the other one is ready (which I imagine should be shortly). I am not involved in the setting up of this board, so I am not able to address anything specific. 
Once it is up and running I will add in the link coding (and possible retitle the link) -it will be (as far as I know) the exact same board, but I don't have any details about the technicalities at this point. What I am meaning is I cannot answer questions about passwords, user names, if you need a new registration -nothing like that - I assume all of that will be provided as part of this process (although I am only saying this as someone who has been through messageboard hosting changes over several different boards over the years.). 

So stay tuned. ;)

Sat, 31 Jan 2015 02:25:00 +0000

Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series

Gaius Marius
Back to Colleen McCullough, for a second; she passed on earlier in the week - and readers might know her for the Thornbirds which was one of those big mini-series like they used to run on tv (in the US) -in the 80's - but my focus is on her Rome series.

At present I have only gotten through the first two titles, and had started the third several years ago but had to put it aside due to personal circumstances.

I have had some significant experience with the entire historical fiction genre, and one thing that I want to put out there right off of the bat - this series is much more similar to say, something Jeff or Michael Shaara, or even Allan W. Eckert wrote than say, John Jakes -or any number of authors that wrote serial historical novels pitching to a more generalised audience appeal. Basically take that to mean that some authors in this genre, in the past, have slipped a little '50 Shades of Grey' type of stuff into their historical 'plot lines'. Rest assured, that is not Ms McCullough's style.

I have had access to some of the material that she had written was some of her source material (as I don't have any of the books readily available to refer to at the moment -this is strictly 'iirc' territory.) material such as Livius, and Cicero -she referenced literature of the antiquities heavily. Yes, there are politics, social upheavals (face it - Rome of the Gaius Marius/Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix era was rife with it all -as it was with military reforms -which also entailed social reforms). I can't get into the details entirely, but basically this all starts with a period of societal change which was brought about by integrating Italians into the society of Rome; creating and maintaining a citizen army (prior to this it was more of a strictly Roman -meaning the immediate area of the city of Rome -and not the Italian peninsula thing) -and it also involved a hefty bit of class level politics.

While I don't entirely know how the Roman legislature worked, I do know that Ms McCullough described its functioning in things like votes as to how the Parliamentary system works in Australia (and probably the wider Westminster system of governance, although my main exposure to this has been in Australia ...) - meaning that when votes are held, the Senators get up and move from one side of the floor to the other as per how they vote prior to being counted. In the US it is just a roll call type system if it isn't accepted to have happened by a voice vote. In Australia -we do the voice vote and then sometimes a 'division' is required - this moving around is what a 'division' is -and it happened fairly frequently in the first two books (so if you are from the US -this is what that is all about.).

The first book relied a lot on reading correspondence (which I think probably exists in some form) to drive the  narrative of the story. The second book did some of this, but relied on this method of story development a lot less.

The entire series basically tracks the rise and fall of Gaius Julius Caesar (and by 'rise' I mean birth), and the final volume was sort of one that fans (including some fairly prominent ones) appealed to have written.

In Australia it is pretty common to find these in op shops (op shops being like Goodwill, or a Salvation Army store in the US), so I have been pretty lucky in acquiring a set -I think even one of the titles I got hold of was a signed copy.

If I had more time, I would really love to spend some quality time in the Roman (ok and Macedonian too) period; for the record at the moment, I don't ... but someday... and revisit this fine series to give it the attention that it deserves.

Sun, 18 Jan 2015 05:06:00 +0000

NB/BPW Mod feedback (part 1)

I don't actually have a part 2 yet, but just in case I do I will be ready for it, numerically speaking.

CompassRose from the Blitz, was kind enough to point out that I screwed up the counters when it came to highlighting such things as organisation. I have added a tweak and now updated both download packages.

I tweaked the French 2d unit colour so that it is a bit lighter and provides a bigger contrast with the Prussians as well. I also changed it in BPW for no other reason than for maintaining consistency.

Tue, 06 Jan 2015 03:06:00 +0000

NB Mod update

As it turns out I forgot to include the winter weather terrain. I have no added that to the mod download, although I will have to look into toning down the fields (read that to mean ditching the really bright green) in the non-winter weather terrain.

Download page

Tue, 30 Dec 2014 11:13:00 +0000

SDC's Napoleonic Battle's map mod now available.

Click here for SDC's NB Mod page.

Been a long day, apologies for the lack of my ordinary prose ;).

Sun, 28 Dec 2014 01:55:00 +0000

A brief preview of the site's future direction

In prior years I have focused mainly on the titles, and now looks to be a good time to expand upon the theme, and begin adding in material by series topic, where it might not necessarily match up to an existing title.

With that in mind, folders are in the process of being added for each series, and I will restructure P Bruffell's Ancient Warfare area to be consistent with the new material I want to start bringing in to the site.

The above is a navigation menu for the Napoleonic Battles' series, and these categories will be specific to the series itself. In other words, the NB spotlights, NB strategies, NB mods, etc...

This is more about a plan going forward, than it is ready-made content. I might add a 'Bookshelf' category to add in links to material in the public domain, for example, Oman's Peninsular War volumes, or things like that.

I might also use this as something to replace the download area -in that I really don't have the time to manage that area, it would be pretty work-intensive so it might not happen, but I like the thought of being able to ditch that problem software.

Mon, 22 Dec 2014 21:49:00 +0000

Vexed Questions for the Webmaster :)

An precursor to content, and the thing is that when being a member of clubs can present some issues when creating content. I am not entirely sure that a club might not be counterproductive when it comes to providing content for the site.

It does provide a lot of good opportunities to network, as well as to get a wider exposure to, potentially, all of the titles.

I would like to provide more article oriented content, although for me, it only actually counts if it can be done to a certain standard.

My first try at this will be from one of the title's that has been around for awhile, Campaign Wagram. In this I will focus upon the day 1 French river crossings from Lobau Island.

Starting on the screenshots...

This will be involved talking to points of pioneer usage, and strategies ( ok, well mine anyways ;). plus also focusing on command control strategies ( paying attention to keeping your units together).

Some of this involves, prioritising and managing crossing points, which to a degree is not dissimilar to managing the follow on waves in Normandy '44.

I will also be making mention of certain environmental conditions ( mainly line of sight considerations) -and what the Austrians have that can impact your crossings. Granted, though, that my experience is coming against the AI as an opponent - but then again if no unit is able to reach an area then, really it does not seem to matter if you are playing the AI or a live person.

Ok- well this is sort of an intro into what is going on, and I need to start assemble some relevant screenshots for this. Part of this is due to an indirect request from NWC for some content.

~On another note, I am getting ready to put together my annual funding drive, and will be putting together a post regarding this. I was fortunate enough to get an early donation, so I already have $20.00 covered of the $125.00 goal that I have set.

Finally, a bit of a status update on what I want to accomplish in the next several weeks, outside of the above article, I also want to do some work on a general NB mod, that is centered around various JTS graphics that are already published. Note, however, that I might well take on the hexgrid to see what I can do - I guess that is a longer term objective.

Sun, 14 Dec 2014 01:15:00 +0000

SDC's Bonaparte's Peninsular War mod - now available

This one is ready for prime time now, so although I do plan on writing out some notes later now, that is probably more about providing content for the site as opposed to anything directly related to the mod itself.


There are a few other mods coming for the Napoleonic Battles' series, however this is mainly going to be based upon making available BPW's stock 3d graphics.

I suppose there is a little irony in these are some of the same ones that I just switched out of BPW... but, well ... yes I guess it did work that way. I don't think that there will be that great of a turnaround time for these -as I did significantly more on BPW's other than map work -things like the Phasebox, the Vertical and Horizontal Bankboxes, the Unitbox and Leaderbox files, unit counters... vp flags... flags themselves... even the Cover.bmp file...


SDC Downloads consists of 2 areas. A dedicated download area, as well as a Blog format. The reason for the differentiation is that the software has a limit of 2 mb, and some of what is hosted here is occasionally larger than that limit.





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