Basic Scenario Creation

Getting started creating your own scenario...using Campaign 1776 as an example.

Go into the "Campaign 1776" program folder and select the "Scenario Editor" icon. This will open the program. (make sure you have the cd in the drive.)

You will be prompted to open an existing scenario file (.scn file), click the cancel box here.

Then you will be looking at the program window, with a black screen instead of a map. You are now ready to begin creating your new scenario.

There are 3 files required to make a scenario.

The .map file (actual field you will fight on)
The .oob file (the order of battle file, or listing of troops that you will use)
The .pdt file (the parameter data file, which is all the movement, stacking and weapon values)

You can use any combination of these file, but the ones you select here during the initial setup can't be changed afterwards without causing an error and destroying your scenario.

Now go to the button bar and select the second button from the left, for a New Battle. This will bring up a window in which you choose the map file you want to use. Then you will be asked to choose an oob file, then finally a pdt file.

For your first run I suggest just choosing the Battle Road files for all 3. You can play around with them and then decide later what you want to use for your real scenario.

Once you have made these choices another window will come up called the header dialog. There are a variety of setting here link naming the file, setting the date, victory conditions, artillery ammo levels, etc.

And finally the description dialog comes up where you enter your name as the author and a description of the scenario you are creating. Click OK when done.

Both the header dialog and description dialog can be accessed at any time by going to the "Scenario" menu and making the proper selection.

You are now ready to get into the heart of creating your scenario. You will be looking at the map, and there will be a box in the lower left called the unit dialog box. This is the contents of the OOB file that is available to you to place on the file.

To begin placing your units click on the + mark next to the appropriate army. This will expand the listing a bit. Continue to do so until you see individual units and leaders displayed. Then, select the unit you wish to place by clicking once on it.

To actually place the unit on the map, move your mouse to the place you want it and Right click. The unit will appear, and it's entry from the Unit Dialog will be removed. You can then use the buttons on the button bar (or from the "Command" menu) to set the facing of the unit, give it fatigue, decrease strength, disrupt it, rout it, fix it, etc.

Repeat this process for all the units you wish to use...

You will also probably want to set objective hexes for your scenario. There's a button for that as well. And if you are feeling real adventurous you get into some A/I scripting...but that's a whole nother tutorial... ;o)

Ok, so that's the basics of scenario design. Make sure and save your file as something other than a stock scenario name.

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This page updated on 08/16/01.