Procedure on how to setup an On-Line Multi-player Game.

These instructions will walk you through how to get set up to play on-line with fellow gamers in a multi player format. This can also be used for just two players by eliminating the multiplayer steps.

First I will cover hosting a game. You will need your IP address to host a game. Open your games main program. For these examples I will be using the War of 1812 game. When you get to the main screen you need to select a few things. The screen looks like this:

You will need to select the "New" option in the top left corner. Then the "Direct Play Host" option in the top center, and finally the scenario you wish to play. When ready click the OK button.

Next this screen will display:

Type in your name. Then click OK.

The next screen to display looks like this:

In this box we are going to select the "Internet TCP/IP Connection for direct play" option. If you were on a LAN you could use IPX, or if you were playing with just 2 people you could use the modem or serial option. When ready click OK.

Once you do this, the game will start. BUT, unlike a normal game, then map will not appear nor will any normal dialog boxes. Only this one will show up at first:

This dialog box is used to chat with other players in the game. Use the "Send to my side only" box to send the message only to your team mates.

This will be the case until another member joins the game (who has selected to play the opposing force).

While you are waiting you can go to the "Modes" menu and select the "Multiplayer Dialog…" selection.

The following window will appear.

Once other players join the game, and more than 2 players are on a side, you can assign specific units to each player. Once this is done only that player can command those units.

When all players are present and ready to go you can set the optional rules and away you go!

One other point is worth mentioning here. The "Set Multi-Player Timer" option from the "Modes" menu allows you to place a time limit on how long each team has to accomplish their turn. At the end of that time the turn automatically changes to the opposing force…

Caller Instructions

To be a Direct-Player caller (not the host), follow these instructions. Start your main program. Once the main screen comes up select the "Direct-Play Caller" option from the top center of the screen.

You will then be given the following screen where you do 2 things. Type in your name and make a choice whether you wish to play on the same side as the host or not. Click OK when ready.

You are now given the choice of connection types, choose "Internet TCP/IP Connection for Direct-Play". Click OK

You will then be given another box.

Here you need to enter the Host's computer name, his IP address, or you can leave it blank and it will search the web for available games. It is recommended that you use the person's IP address. This can be found by going to the "Run" menu on the computer and typing "winipcfg". A window like this will appear:

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Once you enter the information, click ok. You will be connected to the game shortly. The host will then complete the settings for the game. If you are the commander of the opposing forces you can also make assignments for your army.

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This page updated on 07/27/00.