Upgrading and Play By E-mail Help

Please note that there are also help files on starting a game and PBEM included with the game. They cover things a bit differently, but are also very helpful. There is also a step by step walk through of the various phases which I will not do here.

Now it is time to start a new PBEM game. To do this, go to the program group for the Campaign 1776 game and choose the "Main Program" selection. This will bring up a screen that looks like this:

You will want to select the Play-By-E-Mail option from the top center section. Then, using the window on the right hand side you will choose the scenario you wish to play. For this example we are going to use the first one, Battle Road. Once you have done this, click the OK button. The screen you get will look like this:

Select the army you wish to play, and also select the Fog of War option. This allows you, and your opponent, to only see enemy troops if there is a Line of Sigth (LOS) to them. The game simply isn't worth playing without this option activated in my opinion. You can also click the Rules button, and you will be sent to this screen:

These are the various options that you can use during the game. There are notes on each of these in the help file. If you are unsure of what one does please feel free to start a conversation about it at the Colonial Tavern.

After you make your selections, and click OK on the dialog boxes, the scenario will start. In this particular scenario American reinforcements arrive in the first turn. You will see a box that tells you this. Click OK. Then a window like this will appear:

This window tells you what phase you are in. There are 4 phases to each Armies turn. Using the Americans you would have the following 4 -

American Movement Phase
British Defensive Fire Phase
American Offensive Fire Phase
American Melee Phase

Once these 4 are completed the British would go through the same routine. These 8 phases constitue a full turn. Please refer to the help for more information on these phases.

Ok, back to the game. You are in the American Movement Phase. Once you have completed your movement you need to advance to the next phase. To do this you should click the Next Phase button, pointed out here:

Since this is the first time you have advanced the phase you will be prompted to save the game file. Name it something easy to remember like your's and your opponents name, or maybe the game number. Also, by default, the game is a .bte type. do not change this or the game will not recognize the file. Also note that saved games are kept in the main Campaign 1776 directory.

Now, depending on what optional rules you selected during start up, one of two things will happen here. If you chose to use Auto Defensive Fire an A/I dialog box will come up. Click the Run button and the program will play the British Defensive fire. Once that is done it will be the American Offensive Fire phase.

If you did not select that option you will see the two following messages. Click the OK button on each.

The file is now ready to be sent to your opponent. You can close the main game window.

If you still have your offensive fire phase to do, complete it, then advance the phase and do your melee phase. Once that is complete you click on the advance phase button again. You will then get the previous 2 messages.

Now, following the WinZip instructions you will need to create a new zip file and add this game file into it. Then it should be sent to your opponent for their turn.

After you get the file back, unzip it into the main Campaign 1776 directory and go through the same routine. The only difference now will be that you will select the "Old" option on the left, and then the Play-By-E-Mail option in the center. You game file will then appear in the box to the right, similar to this picture:

You are now on your way and ready to play a game via e-mail. So get out there and round up an opponent and get to it!

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This page updated on 07/27/00.