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-Punic Wars: Tactical Guide for Beginners -by Paul Bruffell-

So you think you know how to win?

If you come across an experienced player of Punic Wars your army could be destroyed before you realise what has happened. Described below is a quick introduction to tactics used by armies of the period. The game is based on the historical strengths and weaknesses of each type of soldier and therefore a player is more likely to win by applying tactics used in history.


Tactical Hints:

  • Put skirmishers (Light, Light Medium Infantry) out in front of your main line of troops in order to diminish the effectiveness of enemy fire on your main line.

  • Use elephants to disrupt cavalry units and prevent flanking attacks.

  • Use Light Infantry with javelins to wear down enemy elephants.

  • Light Infantry in combat are more effective in non-open terrain such as woodlands.

  • Well armoured troops need to keep to open terrain to avoid being disrupted.

  • Regular infantry with spear/sword:- Engage your opponents main strength with yours as fast as possible. Protect your flanks.

  • Regulars with missile weapon:- Shoot as long as possible – avoid contact with the enemy. Seek high defensive positions and let the enemy come to you. Concentrate fire opportunities on one enemy unit where possible to break the enemy quickly before they make contact.

  • Irregulars:- Strike with overwhelming numbers at a single point. Rely on your skirmishing troops to hold off the rest of the enemy until you have broke their line. Where possible attack on the flank of a unit.
  • Mass missile-firing units into large units for greatest effect.

  • Light Cavalry – Use as skirmishers and pursuit of a broken enemy.

  • Heavy Cavalry – Use for the main charge once skirmishers have weakened the enemy.

  • Where possible choose an army, which has combined arms, not a large proportion of any one type.

  • Weaken the enemy with skirmishers then smash overwhelmingly into a single point on their line.

  • Aim to disrupt the enemy line – punch a hole in the middle then roll up a flank.

  • Regular Medium Cavalry and heavier should use wedge formation for attacks to maximise the number of men in combat.

More to come...