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-Lucius on Tactics - Part II -by Paul Bruffell-

The optimal use of Gallic Light Chariots

Light chariots are really skirmishing platforms. Ensure the chariot is armed with a javelin man or archer. If so, use the skirmishing command to keep one step away from your enemy and wear them down. The chariot is highly mobile in the flat open terrain and can tie down a large enemy unit. Continual missile fire will disrupt the enemy formation and make it susceptible to the main attack with your infantry.

Always keep the chariot unit at strength 4 or less to ensure the 'Over Stacking' rule does not stop your movement.

Gallic Light Chariots

Chariots are no good against formed organised infantry units. However, if they come across undefended enemy light infantry then they can run them down.

Keep the chariots away from enemy missile units as they can eliminate the chariots quickly. If chariots encounter enemy LI then issue the command to charge them immediately instead of trading missile fire.

More to come...