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-Lucius on Tactics - Part I -by Paul Bruffell-

Use of Elephants

Elephants are particularly vulnerable to enemy light infantry (LI) with javelins. To protect them it is recommended they are always surrounded and supported by your own LI missile units. Normally the elephants and LI are assigned as one group.

Used in Attack:
Elephants can assault large infantry formations and cause significant losses to such a body of men but this tends to be a suicide mission. Frontal assault on a Roman Legionary formation is more effective than one on a Macedonian Phalanx formation.

If you have large numbers assign 8 per unit and place each unit adjacent to the other, no gaps, and charge the main enemy formation for maximum impact. If this is done, keep your other units well to the rear in case the elephants go on a rampage and turn towards your own line.

Elephant Attack

Used in Defence:
Personally I prefer to place my elephants on the flanks - to prevent enemy cavalry outflanking my main infantry body and circling to attack the army rear. Elephants disorganise cavalry units and prevent them from entering adjacent hexes. By stationing a few elephant units on the flanks you can neutralise the enemy's attempt to win the flank with his cavalry. Similarly, placing an elephant group at the rear of your main body gives you a reserve that can hold off any enemy cavalry that may have won the flank battle.

More to come...