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[SDC Editor's note -Peter is referring to information on his own site -click the banner above or the text link below to pay them a visit]

Welcome to the Club !

We are now looking to recruit more members to the club. I aim to make this a functional site, easy to navigate, more of a member friendly site where folk can interact with each other playing games, creating scenarios, and just discussion in general, in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. Welcome to my Club Lounge.

Please use the 'Contact Us' tab to join membership. Include your proper name and a 'tag name' you wish to use in the club. Please note that, this is a club where you must register for membership first, and then you can register on the forum.

Anyone just registering on the forum will be informed once that they must register with the club first or else they will be removed from the forum.

Ensure you follow the correct procedure to join! As we increase in size , I'll work on improvements in various areas.

Any constructive comments regarding this will be most welcome. Use the forum for such discussion.

At present, I have updated the Ladder scoring system to include an ELO rating system, alongside the points system as well as creating separate ladders for each game system.

New members from other sites may be able to transfer their' stats to this site if they wish. Just forward the details of your records to me, after having joined membership.

New members will automatically receive an ELO rating of 2000 on the ladders until their old stats are ratified, then those scores will be used.

Regards and welcome !

Peter Glint Site Admin for ww2 wargames club for gentlemen